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Why did we create NCOG.Earth?

NCOG = "Incognito" We believe data should be treated as a commodity. We all live in a connected world. There's fortunes in Data. We should all treat all our Data as BIG Business does. We should all get paid for our Data. Unless you're paying me or sharing in the Profits of my Data, why am I just giving you, my Data? Whats In It For Me? Let's enjoy this journey together. You have a lot of value. You should Be PAID for everything you do, Both On & Offline. Try it!

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Use *NCOG or Dollars or Both. Your Gateway to Over 1 Million Brand Name Items and a Menagerie of ways to Earn Additional *NCOG.



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The Easiest Way to Quickly Earn *NCOG is to tell us about you. Most Everybody's already shared their Data/Info with the world. Unless you're Getting Paid Why? The More we know about you the More you Get Paid.


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Community Building and Expanding your online Footprint. The Extreme-Viral Loop. Grow to be powerful and Get PAID More and More and More. Time Flies, Start! Earn Revenue Sending Gift Cards. Override all those you Refer Forever!


Mine *NCOG & Mine the web

Use your phone or your PC. Help us index the entire web and at the same time Get Paid to also Mine *NCOG it's a win win! Learn More... NCOG is to be a distributed search engine that pays you to mine *NCOG. NCOG is built on the principles of peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. NCOG is to be decentralized and distributed on devices throughout the web



Benefits, Let me Count the Ways. Oh, I Can't There's too Many Ways to Count. Buy *NCOG and Invest the Time to Learn it Over-Time. You Can't Lose.